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Google Sells Domains To Squarespace

Google Domains, a domain name registrar service launched by Google in 2014, is being sold to Squarespace, a website builder platform, in a deal that will close in Q3 2023. Squarespace will take over the assets and customers of Google Domains, and will also become the exclusive domains provider for Google Workspace customers. Google cited its efforts to sharpen its focus as the reason for selling the business. The announcement was unexpected and has disappointed some Google Domains customers who are worried about the potential gap in both the quality of the experience and the price.

“Supporting a smooth transition for customers over the coming months, with the help of the Google Domains team, is our top priority. Squarespace can provide an integrated experience of purchasing and managing domains along with offering other tools that these customers may need to build their online presence.”

Google Domains offered features like no-cost WHOIS privacy and one-click DNSSEC (to protect against DNS spoofing and cache poison attacks), while taking advantage of the company’s speedy and reliable cloud infrastructure. The service also had a straightforward UI, but it remains to be seen whether Squarespace will ultimately match the experience. Squarespace says it will “honor all existing Google Domains customers’ renewal prices for at least 12 months following the closing of the transaction,” which is expected to occur in Q3 2023.
“There is no immediate impact on your Google Domains account and there is nothing you need to do at this time. Once regulatory approvals are obtained and the transaction closes, you will become a customer of Squarespace, and your domain will be owned and, after a transition period, managed by Squarespace.”
Google posted this support document today, with more information coming later.

If you have your domains with Google and don’t want to deal with this transition or Squarespace, please contact us IMMEDIATELY so that we can transfer your domain out of Google.