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5 Reasons Why you Should Choose WordPress Over Other CMS Platforms

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WordPress started off as a simple blogging platform in 2002, at the time blogging was becoming popular and had just started to pick up speed. In 2010 WordPress officially became a content management system. At the time, there was fierce competition from Joomla as they were both competing for the top spot. It was at this point that WordPress introduced custom post types, this was the pathway for unique features that hit WordPress from then on and catapulted its growth to the most dominant CMS on the market. Some of the factors that contributed to this growth and why you should choose WordPress over other CMS platforms include:


  • User Focused Approach – Although launched as a blogging platform, the evolution of WordPress has been a remarkable one. WordPress has been consistently over the years rolling out new features based on customer needs. It takes a user focused approach to understand customer requirements and work on meeting those requirements. The WordPress core is constantly being updated and features being added. The most recent major change, was the introduction of the Gutenberg editor, that keeps up with modern design trends and website development requirements.
  • Ease of Use – The learning curve of WordPress is not steep at all. A beginner can easily download it, install it and be up and running with a basic website within a few hours. This is the primary reason for the wide consumer base of WordPress. People from all demographics are interested in using it because of the user-friendliness. Developers also tend to love it, because once they have completed a website, they can hand it over to the client to maintain and update it themselves.
  • Strong Community Support – If you look back a few years at the rise of Android and iPhones you will realize that the primary reason for their popularity is the strong developer community that backs these 2 platforms. Many other mobile phone operating systems have come and gone but none has even come close to competing with these 2. Even a giant like Microsoft failed, and the primary reason was a weak developer ecosystem. Similarly for WordPress one of the primary reasons for its huge popularity is the strong developer ecosystem. No other CMS has such a strong developer ecosystem. The WordPress developer community continues to build plugins that are critical for websites to be successful. The sheer number of plugins that are available for WordPress is in itself reason enough why so many website owners choose WordPress over other content management systems.
  • Security and Control – There is a perception that WordPress is one of the least secure content management systems, however, this is not true. Generally, WordPress is a safe and secure platform. Other content management systems are also prone to malicious hackers and attacks, just like WordPress. Although the risk slightly increases, given the popularity of WordPress, hackers tend to focus more on it. WordPress though, has several features that enhance its security, for example, password protection for folders, great support for SSL, ability to create private and public pages, plugins for automated spam removal and blocking of malicious attempts e.t.c. When it comes to control, with WordPress, you have full ownership of your website and its content. Unlike other platforms like Wix, Shopify and Squarespace. With these you are stuck with what these platforms provide and have much less freedom.
  • Credibility – WordPress powers some of the most popular websites on the internet, including BBC, Skype, Microsoft News, TechCrunch, TED Blog, Walt Disney and many others. Given such large names trust WordPress, this adds to the credibility of WordPress.

WordPress is without doubt one of the best CMS that you can choose for your website. From the numerous themes and endless number of plugins to the security, SEO and social media features, WordPress will suffice for any type of website that you want to build.

If you were skeptical about choosing WordPress as the CMS for your website, we hope this post has given you vital reasons why you should choose WordPress over other CMS platforms. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


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